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Ing. Peter Kohut
local time: 2024-04-17 07:38 (+01:00 )
Ing. Peter Kohut (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Cosmology Age: 65

I am a Slovak citizen. I finished my Ph.D. study of economic cybernetics at Moscow Institute of Management. "What is an elementary structural unit of the Universe (matter, space, energy)?" I decided that in any case I have to discover the answer to this and other questions. Informatics as a part of cybernetics is constructed of two states represented by two digits 0 and 1. Its logic is comprehensible and shows that all information is created by combination of two states. So, in order to construct the composite structure, the necessary and sufficient condition is to have two different states. The search for the substance of being forced me not only to limit my interest on cybernetics but also pay attention to philosophy. Hegel?s dialectical logic helped me to discover the bipolar essence of matter.  By in depth study of this philosophy I was able to gardualy find the answers to the basic questions of physics. My effort is directed towards giving classical beauty to physics through philosophy in order to discover the mystery of the material aspect of the Universe. 

In 1992 I married my wife Alena. We have two daughters, Kristina and Barbora. My hobby is a classical and popular music. I play guitar and piano and I like singing. We live in the village Maly Saris in a beautiful countryside. As I like philosophy, mathematics and physics, especially cosmology, it is my hobby to find the answers to the fundamental questions of existence. The results are contained in my scientific works and papers published in some magazines and Internet web-sites. The fundamental theoretical physics is now in a deep crisis as it cannot give the answers to the basic questions about matter, space and time. I am convinced that only the deep philosophical thinking using the dialectic logic can lead to the detection of the real nature of the Universe, its basic building blocks and its laws and principles.

In my monograph "God and the Universe" I summarize all my basic scientific results regarding my discoveries of the nature of the Universe. I invite with pleasure all people with opened minds for the adventurous journey to the true knowledge of the Universe. I would like to cooperate with enthusiasts finding the true answers for the basic questions of theoretical physics and philosophy.