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Stan J. Deyo
local time: 2023-03-22 10:44 (-06:00 DST)
Stan J. Deyo (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: New Energy, Cosmology

I am the CEO of Deyo Enterprises LLC (book publishing and corporate website development). I am the CEO of HALO Orbital Technologies LLC. (http://www.linkedin.com/in/standeyo)

Professional Experience:

  • Deyo Enterprises LLC, Jul 2001 - Present. I maintain our web servers for clients and our websites. I do all the accounting, tax preparation to our accountants, book printing arrangements with printers and binders, customer relations, shopping cart maintenance, take phone orders from time to time, do guest appearances on various radio programs (most well known is Coast to Coast AM on the Clear Channel network with George Noory), direct R&D for HALO Orbital, assist Holly Deyo in making and testing items for her gardening book research and a few other minor tasks.
  • West Australian Texas Trading Pty Ltd., CEO, Jul 1977 - Jan 2001. Wrote books, published those books, sold books by mail, managed all accounting, made TV documentaries, did R&D in advanced marine propulsion and high voltage phenomena.


  • To develop a commercially viable and unique method of propulsion for aircraft, spacecraft, marine craft and land vehicles.
  • To develop a commercially viable method of converting the compression waves from the solar wind into electricity at ground level sites.


  • Author, publisher, lecturer, university instructor in graphic design and CGI, senior systems analyst, programmer, website designer, company director, company owner, regular radio show guest on Coast to Coast AM, ancient history in the Middle East, classical Hebrew language, Biblical and Torah studies as a Messianic Believer, 3D modeling and rendering, animation, documentary TV production.
  • Publishing, website design, web server maintenance, aerospace propulsion R&D, advanced marine and submarine propulsion R&D, alternate energy R&D from the solar wind at ground level collection stations, enhancing efficiency of solar cells


  • No degree, United States Air Force Academy, physics, mathematics , 1962-1964


  • Advanced aerospace propulsion systems
  • Gravitic hardware
  • Cosmology
  • Thermionic alternate energy sources
  • High-voltage high-frequency atmospheric alternate energy sources


  • Formerly full member IEEE
  • Honorably discharged USAF veteran