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Robert F. J. van Linden
local time: 2023-05-29 06:22 (+01:00 )
Robert F. J. van Linden (About)
World Science Database Profile

My physics study began at the technical university of Eindhoven in the Netherlands but was broken off in favor of a career as a professional musician. After five years of music, I decided to take up studying again. That revived study was finished with a bachelor's degree in electrotechnics after which I accepted a job as an ICT project leader and consultant at a global chemicals company which has been my work since 1986.

Around the end of  2002, the interest in physics drove me to pick up the original study again in my free evening hours as an autodidact. Input for this study was provided by the physics program of the university of Leiden, the Netherlands, as well as course material that could be downloaded from the web. This still keeps me busy on an irregular basis as time and energy permits.