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Dimiter G. Stoinov
local time: 2024-04-13 16:03 (-04:00 DST)
Dimiter G. Stoinov (About)
World Science Database Profile
Diplom Mechanical engineer
Interests: Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Ether, Special Relativity, Theory of Interactions Age: 84

I, Dimiter Stoinov, was born in Belovo in the family of a teacher. I inherited from my father my love of mathematics, in which I have always excelled. I have lived in Sofia since 1966. My family has two children: daughter and son.


  • 1951-1956 Technical school (college) in Karlovo (5-year course)
  • 1958-1964 Study in Machine-Electrical Institute (MEI) in Sofia now Technical Universit Sofia (6-year course) Diplom Mechanical engineer.


  • 1964-1966 Engineer constructor in a plant for machine tools in Pazardjik
  • 1966-1970 Research Fellow in Central Institute of the Technology of machine-building-Sofia
  • 1971-1993 Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow in Institute of Radio-Electronics? Sofia


  • Inventions - 3
  • Governmental award for contribution to technical progress - 2
  • Interest in physics arose as late 1977 when preparing for exams in philosophy of Candidate PhD minimum

My Point of View

  • I cannot accept the paradigms of modern physics.
  • I cannot accept that the mass and time are a function of speed.
  • I cannot accept that space has physical properties and may be distorted.
  • The misconceptions of modern theoretical Physics are closely related to the unsatisfactory answers to the following three major questions:
    • What is an electrical charge?
    • What is the nature of electromagnetic waves?
    • What is the physical reason for nuclear forces occurrence?
  • We are convinced that the answer of these questions should and will be given within the framework of a new interactions theory. It would be appropriate to give it the name "kinetic theory of interactions". It would mean that all interactions in nature must be explained only on basis of the movements of elementary particles, i.e. the electricity, the magnetism, the reason for nuclear forces occurrence ? all must be explained only by the motion and impact of elementary particles. And for the purpose the elementary particles must be associated only with their bodily features (mass, form, size and energy according to the principle of uniform allocation of energy between the degrees of freedom).
  • I doubt of the large number of the elementary particles.
  • I doubt of the existence of the antimatter.
  • Particle photon has no place in physics.
  • I am for a gaseous model of the ether.