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Michael Heleus
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Michael Heleus (About)
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Interests: Cosmology

Born just after WWII in the Middle West, Michael Heleus currently has investigated astrology for four decades. His background in science and math led him to alchemy, astrology, and biochemistry while still a boy, and led him to wonder in the '60's how to make astrology a practical active study instead of a passive observational one. His background in music as a keyboard western classical style improvisationist led him to a harmonic view, which started to become better known amongst astrologers of Pythagorean bent like John Addey of England around 1970. By 1974 Michael had obtained a certificate of proficiency in astrology from the Astrologers Guild of America in NYC, In 1961 Michael had a dream that the solar system was organized and sustained by a great soundwave coming from the Sun whose nodes located the planets. Addey took this further, and in 1971 Michael had a dream showing him how to render planetary angles seen from earth as sound and light. Sound being the more basic and available modality to experiment with, he did a check out of the dream method in 1973 with equipment, and found there was a definite psychoacoustic and even sensation effect, which led to more discoveries developed over the ensuing 2 decades.

Having been a professional astrologer at Gayatri Bookstore in Tucson, AZ, in the late 60's, Michael found that he could aid people much more effectively with the sonic astrology, which after a year of working with he dubbed astrosonics in 1974. Articles about it were published in various journals, including the Astrological Association Journal in England, Winter 1975 issue. By the late 70's Michael had phased in astrosonic sound sessions and tapes for his clients while minimizing the verbal astrology for the reason mentioned. In January and July of 1989 a couple of major articles on astrosonics appeared in those issues of the Journal of Borderland Research after a videotape devoted to it was made in 1986. This was updated in 1997 about the time the Jim Lewis Foundation awarded Michael a cash grant award for his contributions to astrology with the astrosonics work., with a presentation concerning sonification of the Platonic Systems-the tape is available from Altered States in New Zealand..

Using the astrosonics on himself, Michael realized some major electronic classical music compositions and the work tuned him up enough to make some major mathematical discoveries, such as the general waveform of division in 1981. Much work has been done on the coordination of basic constants to the present in 2003.


Previous address: 238 W. Delano #3, Tuscon, AZ 85710-3881, 520-903-1846