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Alvaro Quinteros Valenzuela
local time: 2021-09-19 15:36 (-04:00 )
Alvaro Quinteros Valenzuela (Abstracts)
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  • The Revenge of Old Classical Physics: No Space for Photons or Relativity (2009) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Alvaro Quinteros Valenzuela   read the paper:

    The old classical theory of extended elementary particles is introduced; in the first part, the basic non linear equations for stable particles are presented, together with some simple solutions for semi-infinite media. In the second and third parts, the well-known failures of classical physics in the microscopic domain are refuted with old classical arguments; the major arguments of modern physics against the application of classical physics in the microscopic domain are rejected. It is concluded that, although the old classical theory is in a immature state of development, there is no need to introduce modern concepts, like photons or relativity, to describe microscopic phenomena; they can be described in old classical terms.

  • A Classic Electron Ring Model (1994) [Updated 4 years ago]


    A classic electron ring model is presented, which is stable under the influence of electric and magnetic forces. This elementary Compton-sized model rotates at the speed of light and correctly reproduces the mass and magnetic moment of the particle. Its mass displays the same logarithmic singularity obtained in quantum electrodynamics, and its properties allow a simple interpretation of other quantum results. The equivalent spherical radius that produces the same maximum electric field is of the order 10-106 m.