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Savely L. Savva
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Savely L. Savva (Books)

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by Savely L. Savva

Pages: 274
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2007
ISBN: 1425110908
ISBN: 978-1425110901

Contemporary biomedical science suffers form lack of understanding the most complex control system of the organism and the society pay for this dearly. The postulated Biofield Control Systems (BCS) is a hierarchal organization including the organism, organs, tissues, and cellular levels, which develops in ontogenesis based on genetic information. It consist of four fundamental programs of life- development, maintenance, reproduction and death- as well as the mid that serves the behavioral aspects of these programs.

The physical carrier of the BCS cannot be reduced to the currently known fundamental physical interactions. It must have both energy and information components and be capable of interactions with the currently known fundamental forces.

Experimental studies presented and referred to in this book suggest that the operation of the organism cannot be reduced to chemical interactions since contemporary chemistry knows only electric and thermal forces, that the biological nuclear synthesis presented by Louis Kervran in 1960-80's is not a myth, that the non-structural memory of water manifests itself at organism, cellular and enzymes levels, that human intent and/or expectation may effect cellular equilibrium, etc. These experimental works are falsifiable and the theoretical concepts presented in the book suggests alternative physical models that may incorporate life.

Among authors of the articles are:

  • William Tiller- Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, USA
  • John O'M Bockris- formerly Distinguished Professor of Texas A+M University, USA
  • Lev Beloussov- Professor of Moscow State University, Russia
  • Gaby Drouchuoiu- Professor of Al. I Cuza University, Romania
  • Vladimir I. Vysotsky- Professor of Kiev State University, Ukraine
  • Elena B. Burlakova- Professor and Scientific Director of the Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
  • Hal Puthoff- Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Austin, USA

As well as other distinguished scientists.