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Dr. Robert T. Bush
local time: 2023-03-22 12:51 (-07:00 DST)
Dr. Robert T. Bush (About)
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Dr. Robert T. Bush of California State Polytechnic University has suggested that when a palladium lattice is fully occupied by deuterons, conditions are favorable to support laser-like actions where the deuteron-loaded lattice supports a type of resonating phenomena in which the probability of a traveling or "hopping" wave-like deuteron fusing with a target deuteron is increased significantly.

This may also be caused by the possibility of plasma oscillations of the D-shell. Also the theory that deuterons (protons) exist in deep energy wells may not be valid because the protons appear to be mobile in a similar state as classical oscillators. Bush's theoretical model accounts for the heavy water heat effect and light excess heat effect from cold fusion. It provides a unique and highly novel mechanism to sufficiently enhance tunneling through the Coulomb barrier, as well as incorporating the role of lithium in electrolytic experiments.

  • Bush, Robert T. 1994. "A Unifying Model for Cold Fusion," Transactions of Fusion Technology, Vol. 26., 1994, pp 431-440, Dec. 1994.