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Hans Goodman
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Hans Goodman (Books)

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by Hans Goodman

Pages: 138
Publisher: Ibis Books (Australia)
Year: 2009
ISBN: 0957734263
ISBN: 978-0957734265

How can an unknown engineer working in the obscurity of his home (and garage) discover the fundamnetal principles that have puzzled scientists for the past 400 years? How can these principles turn out to be so simple and so self-evident?

If you have read Stephan Hawking's Brief History of Time in the hope of finding enlightenment and, perhaps, didn't finish it, then you will find The Mindfield much easier and much more satisfying.

This book present a new unifying model of the universe that is simple, consistent, logical and, above all, enderstandable. It brings together for the first time, physical explanations for gravity, planetary motion, magnetism, electricity, atomic structure, relativity, quantum mechanics and much more. It is written in clear non-mathematical language that is easy to read. This book presents a turning point in scientific thinking.