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Dr. Zigmantas L. Budrikis
local time: 2023-03-27 06:01 (+01:00 )
Dr. Zigmantas L. Budrikis (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Light, Relativity


  • Budrikis, Z.L.[Zigmantas L.] * 1972: Visual Fidelity Criterion and Modeling
    * 1985: new lightpen for raster displays, A
    * 1987: Accurate lightpen
    * 1988: Moment generator
    Includes: Budrikis, Z.L.[Zigmantas L.] Budrikis, Z.L.
  • Picture Quality Prediction based on a Visual Model, Transactions IEEE Com Tech, Com-30, 1983, 1679 - 1692 F X J Lukas and Z L Budrikis.
  • "The Controlled Cell Transfer Capability", Computer Communication Review, ACM SIGCOMM, Vol 27, 1 , January 1997, pp55-71 (A. Cantoni, Z Van Luinen & Z L Budrikis).
  • "Performance Evaluation of Controlled Cell Transfer Service in ATM LAN", International Journal Computer Systems Science & Engineering, 1996, 6:125-133, (A. Cantoni, S Van Luinen, Z L Budrikis, and V Wittorff).
  • "A Generic Flow Control Protocol for B-ISDN", Australian Telecommunications Research, Volume 26, No 2, 1992, Z. Budrikis, G. Mercankosk, M. Blasikiewicz, M. Zukerman, L. Yao, P. Potter,
  • "On Statistical Multiplexing Gain for Variable Bit Rate Voice Sources", ICT_2001, J.F.Siliquini, G.Mercankosk, S.Ivandich, C.Voo, Z.Budrikis and A.Cantoni.