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Theodore Banta
local time: 2023-06-05 22:57 (-04:00 DST)
Theodore Banta (About)
World Science Database Profile
Nuclear Physics, Systems Operator, Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics
Interests: Nuclear Physics, Private Development Projects for Energy and Space

I am retired from a first career in University based nuclear physics. My second career is in the development of private business projects in key international markets. As these situations develop we may be forced into private banking and funds recovery efforts from the entrenched global bank conspiracies against free market projects. If mankind is to survive, we will need to re-examine the physics, the philosophy and the psychologies that guided the Spirit of our once great efforts. Then, paradigm as rapidly as we can toward it and away from lawyers, the regulators, administrators and controllers who have constructed a myriad of agendas to "take care of us".

Career academic in high energy physics, scuba instructor, seasoned entrepreneur and frustrated visionary. Experienced in global business transactions and the financial development of private projects. Engaged in the pursuit and production of a different future.