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Juan R. Gonz?lez-?lvarez
local time: 2023-06-02 16:53 (+01:00 )
Juan R. Gonz?lez-?lvarez (About)
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Interests: Relativity

"The most wonderful aspect of dogma practitioners i know is when two of them (e.g. two Einsteinian relativists) argue that you are wrong using incompatible arguments. For example, one is sure that you are wrong because A > B whereas, at the same time, other argues that you are wrong because B > A. You claim "both replies cannot be correct at the same time!" and you receive a large silent by response... In fact, in posterior debate they even omit all reference to the other relativist. Yes, I am convinced that dogma practitioners are true specialists in ignoring evidence." - http://www.antidogma.ru/appeal_en.html