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Gregory Hodowanec
local time: 2023-06-08 21:46 (-04:00 DST)
Gregory Hodowanec (About)
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"Let me introduce you to an experimenter who may actually be detecting and utilizing gravity waves today. For many years physicist Gregory Hodowanec in Newark, NJ has been detecting what he refers to as monopole gravity waves. These monopole signals, unlike the usually detected gravity waves, are relatively strong and more easily detected. Hodowanec says, "that monopole gravity waves have been detected for many years; it's what we are calling 1/f "noise" signals, flicker or background noise". He refers to his detected waves as scalar in nature, which means the waves are described in terms of magnitude alone. An example of a scalar field is the one of temperature. Gravitation has a scalar aspect. Gregory Hodowanec has developed a number of easily constructed circuits to utilize and detect these monopole gravity waves.

"In Hodowanec's cosmology, the universe is considered to be a finite, spherical, closed system. Monopole gravity waves propagate any distance in Plank time, which is about 5.4x10-44 seconds, therefore their effects appear everywhere almost instantly. These gravity wave signals are the sum total of the background flux of the universe, similar to the total summation of the earth's lightning signals I observed in New Mexico. Such signals could be a new window into the universe. They may reveal many aspects not observable with present-day electromagnetic techniques.

"Gregory states that listening to the scalar gravity signals with the audio amplifier can be quite impressive. Some of the coherent "musical" sounds appear to come from the same direction of space on a daily basis. According to Hodowanec's theories, scalar-type radiation fields, as is the gravitation field, might be useful to transmit information "instantly" everywhere in the universe. At his location of 42 degrees N. Latitude, some of the detected sounds appear to originate from the Perseus and Auriga regions of our galaxy when those regions appear at zenith. Some of these signals might be of extra-terrestrial intelligence, and thus interest other experimenters in SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) to investigate this possibility. Such communication between different galactic cultures may not be limited by the long time intervals required by speed-of-light communication of radio." - Faster Than a Speeding Light, E. E. Richards.

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