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Alex Jones
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Alex Jones (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: 1998)
Interests: Inertial Propulsion, Antigravity, Gyroscopes

Alex Jones worked with Eric Laithwaite on inertial propulsion, but as a non-academic did not receive the recognition he deserved for his contributions. Known by some as the father of magnetic propulsion, Jones was able to alter the center of mass of objects by rotating them in specific ways.

"In 1974, Laithwaite was invited by the Royal Institution to give a talk on a subject of his own choosing. He decided to lecture about gyroscopes, a subject in which he had only recently become interested. His interest had been aroused by an amateur inventor named Alex Jones, who contacted Laithwaite about a reactionless propulsion drive he (Jones) had invented. After seeing a demonstration of Jones's small prototype (a small wagon with a swinging pendulum which advanced intermittently along a table top), Laithwaite became convinced that 'he had seen something impossible'." - Wikipedia, Eric Laithwaite

"The obituary [of Eric Laithwaite] reminds us that, as a recipient of many crank letters when he was Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Imperial college in London, there was: One which caught his eye: in it an amateur inventor described a wheeled device which apparently contravened Newton's Third Law of Motion - it moved without any power to the wheels or any thrust. Intrigued, Laithwaite invited the inventor, Alex Jones, to Imperial College. The device Jones brought was a simple gyroscope and it moved forward on Laithwaite's bench with ease. 'Alex showed me something I could not explain, so I just had to investigate it. It was sheer curiosity ....'" - LETTER FROM HAROLD ASPDEN: Regarding Antigravity and Prof. Eric Laithwaite