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Francis J. McCabe
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Francis J. McCabe (Abstracts)
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  • Natural Science Fundamentals in Orbits, Translations and Gyro Physics (2005) [Updated 4 years ago]

    This paper attempts to express universe dynamics (building and maintenance) in its mechanical bases ? too often bypassed in the intuition cocoon i.e., carried past the real principles sometimes blessedly because in the light of results manifestations, principles understandings pursuits can be actually a blockage.

    We have built and observed over 20 gyro mechanical renderings, some with phase change that cause centripetal pulses that if atomically replicated can be gravity like. Orbits, translations and energy vortex helices (from gyroscopic empowering effects) are mechanicals that seem replicated systemically: ? solar (planets) molecular, atomic and sub-atomic.

    Gyroscopics are: orbits planes oscillations; orbits, spin speed and position; translation rates, and precession manipulation (helix) in combined sequences and inter-relative mechanical / motion based effects which build the energy systems we call mass, the mass creations understandings we have intuited and variously verified are still in need of revelations of the real basics.

    Universe happenings such as light: making, transmission, receiving and the conversions understandings are no longer standing.  300 x C (light speed) in cesium gas observations demand finding the real physics basics.  Is light made, then converted for transmission (as ?photons?) in a supporting medium, then received and reconverted for use (like hydro forces, sound ? etc.) that make waves without the source action actually traveling further than the first oscillation ? by the medium as an energy helix employing orbits / translation and indigenously gyroscopics to make the journey? (Changing the medium such as sound in air versus sound in water adjusts the cause transmission and receipt as seemingly can be replicated in light, as transmitted in cesium gas ... etc.)

  • A Gyroscope Video Workshop Set Up to Observe & Determine Mechanical Gyro Properties of Forces, Torques & Motions (1996) [Updated 1 decade ago]