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Dean E. Stonier
local time: 2024-02-22 04:54 (-06:00 DST)
Dean E. Stonier (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: August 9, 2001)
Interests: Paranormal, Tesla Age: 77

The Global Sciences organization was founded in 1983 by Dean Stonier with the intent to promote the understanding and integration of body, mind and spirit as well as the mysteries which surround us in daily life such as UFO's, crop circles, spiritual growth and ascension, alternative healing modalities, suppressed technologies, mind control, shadow government/one-world conspiracies.

By 1997, http://www.globalsciences.com/ was created. Local meetings were held every month in the Denver area in addition to two national conferences each year, typically Florida in the Winter and Denver in Summer. Dedicated to bringing you the latest information which is crucial during these exciting times here on planet Earth, these congresses were considered the premier events of their kind!

Dean Stonier passed away two days after the 2001 August Global Sciences Conference. After a very successful conference, he was found by his wife suffering from an "apparent" heart attack and rushed to the hospital. He never made a recovery and was taken off his breathing machine four days later. Although others tried to carry on the tradition, Dean's passing was a mortal blow to the organization. Global Sciences faded away after the 2002 Global Wings Congress.

The Global Sciences Congress Archival Project is a joint effort of TeslaTech and Lost Arts Media to digitize the recordings of the Global Sciences Congress. We support a responsible person's natural right to research for themselves and are making all recordings (both audio and video) available for research and archival purposes only. In no way are the recordings to be taken as medical or legal advice. Distribution of this material does not constitute an endorsement by TeslaTech, Inc, or Lost Arts Media. The Global Sciences Congress was a forum of new, unusual, and sometimes forbidden ideas. The burden of proof (or disproof) is upon the author and his supporters or opponents. - Global Sciences Congress 1987-2002