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Joel A. Garbon
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Joel A. Garbon (Books)

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by Jeane L. Manning, Joel A. Garbon

Pages: 272
Publisher: Jeane Manning
Year: 2008
ISBN: 0981054307
ISBN: 978-0981054308

Websites: www.breakthroughpower.net

Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World is a reader-friendly book for introducing revolutionary clean energy systems, Tesla devices and other zero-pollution prospects for sourcing nearly free energy.

Alternative energy abundance is humankind?s birthright, according to scientists interviewed for Breakthrough Power. They point out the rich variety of clean energy inventions that the public usually doesn?t hear about. Yet these topics directly relate to both climate change and the world economy and humanitarian projects.

For instance, when the human family realizes that oil wars and polluting nuclear power plants are unnecessary, tremendous financial resources can be freed for planetary cleanup, social justice and local prosperity.

Just in time for gift-giving, this long-awaited book provides hope for the future -- along with realistic reasons why we, the people, must help ?free the energy revolution.?

With compelling stories of brave innovators and their various breakthroughs that can replace coal and other polluting fuels, it makes the case for open-sourcing clean-energy inventions. The book explains how even ?non-techies? can envision and therefore help manifest a higher civilization assisted by energy abundance. It?s an easy-to-read wealth of information and illustrative stories.

Manning is the author of the internationally recognized book The Coming Energy Revolution (1996), and co-author of Angels Don?t Play This HAARP (1995). Garbon, a science consultant to industry, is president of The New Energy MovementBreakthrough Power is a profound gift to give to people of all ages who want a more harmonious world.