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Prof. Chiharu Sano
local time: 2023-04-02 01:38 (+09:00 )
Prof. Chiharu Sano (About)
World Science Database Profile
Interests: Cold Fusion

Prof. Dr. Sano is the Representative for Japan, DTMSI Fellow Member within the Technological Chapter, Member of International Club of Scientists, St.-Petersburg, registered as Scientific Design Technologist (Sc Des T) with endorsement Mathematical Physics with the Society.

The series of articles are written in English, French, Russian and Japanese. Some of which are the translations into the various languages mentioned above. Where not stated, the articles have been presented on several conferences in Russia and elsewhere.

Prof. Dr Sano is also a Member of the DTMSI Examination Committee for Japan, Member of the International Club of Scientists, St-Petersburg Russia. He is also nominated on the Programming Committee of St-Petersburg. His mentor during his Ph.D. studies was Professor Dr Sminov, prominent Russian Physicist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Prof. Dr Sano has much of his research completed under the auspices of Professor Hideo Hayasaka a well-known Japanese authority of anti-gravity, which recognizes that Prof. Dr Sano in one of the important theoreticians of his laboratory in Sendai Japan. The research is mostly done in extracting energy from the vacuum ether.