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Alexander V. Frolov
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Alexander V. Frolov (Books)

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by Alexander V. Frolov

Pages: 2300
Publisher: Faraday Lab Ltd
Year: 2001-2005
ISBN: 1684-7288

Websites: alexfrolov.narod.ru/net.htm

New Energy Technologies magazine was published in russian-english edition 2001-2005. It is collection of aricticles about new technologies, inventions, ideas and theories related with aether, space-time control topic, free energy experimenting, gravity and antigravity ideas... It seems to be non-professional publications but it can be interesting for research scientists.

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by Anatoly P. Smirnov, Alexander V. Frolov

Pages: 642
Publisher: PiK Publishing Company
Year: 1996
ISBN: 586161258

Websites: www.padrak.com/ine/NEN_4_11_5.html

Table of Contents


1. Contemporary Problems In Physics.

  • Theoretical Investigations. Economic Effects of Space Energy Technologies (SET) on Individuals and Society, Gruber Josef, page 5.
  • Editorial "On the History of the Event", page 14.
  • Magneto-Voltaic Technology, A Solid State Approach for Tapping the Zero-Point Energy Field (ZPE), Zielinsky A., page 15.
  • Researches on New Technologies, Address List, page 34.
  • Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, The Structure of Problems and Misconceptions in Modern Physics. Methods for Solution, Possibilities and Consequences, page 35.
  • On Physical Space Structure and New Interaction in Nature, Baurov Yu.A., page 45.
  • Dr. Athanassios A. Nassikas, The Hypothesis and The Equations of The Unified Matter Field, page 61.
  • Classical and Modified Electrodynamics, Zhilin P.A., page 73.
  • Sepp Hasslberger, Tetra Space Co-ordinates (A tetrahedron-based system of space co-ordinates), page 83.
  • Galilei and Relativity Principle, Chirkov A.G., page 87.
  • A New Theory of the Unified Physical Field, Groshev V.L., page 91.
  • Physical essence of gravity constant and its consequences, Vasil'ev V.V., page 93.
  • The Ether Model as Result of the New Empirical Conception, Mishin A.M., page 95.
  • De Broglie Wave Physics, Butusov Kyrill P., page 105.
  • Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Expansion of Bor's Quantum Postulates,  page 117.
  • Alexander V. Frolov, The Concept of Mass Process, page 123.
  • Thermal Electromagnetic Wave Generator, Lebed B.M, Petrov S.A., page 135.
  • Dr. Ing. Martin M?ller, Saha-Equation-Undeniable Evidence for the Physical Nature of Chemical Bonding, page 141.
  • Quantum Electron Hydrodynamics Under Charge Neutralization Conditions, Sanin A.L., page 151.
  • Energies, Impulses, and Forces Arising at Moving Electric Charges in Vacuum, Fogel V.A., Shepsenvol M.A., page 157.
  • Formula for Relatively Stable Carbon Clusters, Volkov A., page 167.
  • On the Anisotropy of Electron, Efimov A.A., page 173.
  • Kozyrev-Dirak Emanation Method of Detecting and Interaction With Matter, Shakhparonov I., page 175.
  • Non-dissipative Closed Electrical Current Process in Normal-State (Non-superconductive) Electroconductive Media, Turchaninov G.S., Turchaninov I.G., page 189.
  • A proposed Experiment of Direct Detecting of The Vector Potential Within Classical Electrodynamics, Onoochin V., page 213.
  • Akimov A.E. & Dr. Gennady I. Shipov, Torsion Fields and Their Experimental Manifestations, page 221.
  • Prof. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, A Generalized Formula for the Lorentz Force Density and Maxwell Equations, page 251.

2. New Energetics - Practical Results.

  • James J. Hurtak & Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, Cold Fusion Research: Models and Potential Benefits, page 261.
  • Dr. Tom Bearden, Use of Regauging and Multivalved Potentials to Achieve Overunity EM Engines: Concepts and Specific Engine Examples, page 277.
  • Dr. Georg Galeczki & Dr. Peter Marquardt, About the Local Tapping of Energy, page 299.
  • Prof. Philipp M. Kanarev, The Secret of The "Cold Fusion", page 305.
  • A New Direction In The Energetics, Becklemeshev J.A., Becklemesheva G.J., page 311.
  • Prof. Dan Chicea, Microscopic Acceleration Mechanism The Cold Fusion in Deuterated Materials, page 315.
  • Free Energy Generation by Water Decomposition in Highly Efficiency Electrolytic Process, Goryachev I.V., page 319.
  • Sepp Hasslberger, A New Beginning for Thermodynamics, page 325.
  • Thermodynamic Principles and Problems of Self-Organizing in Physical Systems, Berezovsky A., page 331.
  • Energy Transformation Dynamics, Mikhailovsky G.A., page 349.
  • Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov & Smirnov A.A., Mechanisms of Energy Inversion and Self-Organization in Real Systems, page 355.
  • On the Second Beginning of Thermodynamics, Buinov G.N., page 359.
  • N.Tesla's Unique Experiments in Colorado, Ignatyev G.F., page 365.
  • Alexander V. Frolov, The Work is Created by Means of Potential Field, page 371.
  • Thermal Engine With a Single Heat Source, Serogodsky A., page 381.

3. Gravitation And Adjacent Technologies.

  • Nils Rognerud, Free Fall of Elementary Particles: On Moving Bodies and Their Electromagnetic Forces, page 389.
  • Construction an Engine for Free Space on the Base of a Pondemotor Effect, Ignatyev G.F., page 407.
  • Experimental Fundamentals for Determination of the Nature of Gravitation Interaction Carrier, Simakov A., page 411.
  • Gravitation Results from Interaction of Substance with Gradient of Ether Density, Shulgin V.G., page 415.
  • The Quantum Gravitation, Shpakov P.D., page 419.
  • Francis J. McCabe, A Gyroscope Video Workshop Set Up to Observe & Determine Mechanical Gyro Properties of Forces, Torques & Motions, page 421.
  • Rotating Hemisphere: Center of Mass Shift, Jeong E., page 429.
  • Diffraction of Gravitational Field, Butusov K.P., page 451.
  • About Experimental Proofs of Gravitational Sun to Earth Influence by Screening of the Part of Inflowing Surrounding Space Neutrinos, Vinogradova M.G.,Khod'kov A.E., page 457.
  • Gravitational Technology, Uspensky G.R., page 461.
  • Possibility for the Existence of Anti-Gravity and the Complete Parity Breaking of Gravity: Evidence from Free-Fall Experiment Using a Spinning Gyro, Hayasaka H., Tanaka H., Hashida T., Chubachi T., Sugiyama T., page 467.
  • Alexander V. Frolov, The Concept of Gravitation, page 481.
  • The Antigravitation Force in The Balanced Rotating System, Kashuba V., page 491.
  • Compression of Standing Waves, Rhythm-dynamics and Third Condition of Rest, Ivanov Yu.N., page 495.
  • Dr. Spartak M. Poliakov & Poliakov O.S., The Beginning of Experimental Gravitonics, page 529.
  • Principles and Bases of the Support-less Movement and Realisation of it in a Nature, Belostotsky Y.G., page 537.
  • The Inertial Propulsion Drives, Shukalov B.D., page 545.

4. Researches Of Space And Time.

  • The Initial Principles of N.A.Kozyrev's Causal Mechanics, Shikhobalov L.S., page 553.
  • Equivalence of Mass and Time, Abian A., page 559.
  • On the Question About Analytical Methods Those Reflect the "Substance-Space-Time" Unity of the Nature in the Laws of Natural Science, and About Main Properties of This Unity, Goriachko J.G., page 569.
  • Experiments on the Change of the Direction and Rate of Time Motion, Chernobrov V.A., page 575.
  • The Energy Anisotropy of Space, Efimov A.A., Shpitalnaya A.A., page 583.
  • On Some Properties of the Physical Time and Space, Veinik A.I., page 587.
  • To a Question on Reserves of Information Interaction in a Nature, Stavitsky V.I., page 599.
  • Generalized Golden Section and the Time Theory, Timashev A.R., page 605.
  • Information-Energy Model of Matter and Universe, Plykin V.D., page 615.
  • The United Holography Information Theory of the Universe, Dvorin G.V., page 621.
  • The Lorentz Component of the Cosmological Red Shift, Sharipov M.R., page 625.

Conclusion, page 635.

Resolution, page 636.

Contents, page 638.