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Harry L. Goldman
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Harry L. Goldman (Abstracts)
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  • A Tesla Rotating Magnetic Field Demonstration Project (2006) [Updated 1 decade ago]

    For years, amateur experimenters did not even try to duplicate Tesla?s rotating egg experiment. The power and capacitance requirements were believed to be formidable. Surprisingly, the experiment can be powered with nothing more exotic than a modified induction motor scrounged from an old household appliance.

  • Nikola Tesla
    by Harry L. Goldman   read the paper:

    On the afternoon of May 17, 1899, inventor Nikola Tesla stepped from the train at Colorado Springs obsessed with electrifying the earth. The elite of Little London turned out to welcome the stranger from New York City and they were not disappointed-Tesla was a striking figure. His tall slenderness, wavy black hair, piercing gray eyes, and European mannerisms never failed to capture the emotions of those about him...