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Dr. John N. Hait
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Dr. John N. Hait (Books)

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by John N. Hait

Pages: 512
Publisher: John Hait
Year: 2005

Websites: www.resonantfieldtheory.com

Einstein died trying to complete his Unified Field Theory, a comprehensive, intuitive explanation of the way everything in the universe operates... a theory of everything. Feynman longed for a basic mechanism that would enable us to know not just "how the Earth moves around the Sun, but what makes it go."

Discovery of that basic mechanism, Resonant Fields, has finally united all of physics into a comprehensive, intuitive explanation of the way everything works... just like Einstein wanted.

This breakthrough-discovery found that the Resonant Fields, of which everything in the universe is made, violate Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle by demonstrating an organized deep reality, rather than a random one. Sub-field interactions are not random but pseudorandom. Deep reality is quite deterministic and strictly cause-and-effect. Energy patterns deep within atoms, light, gravity, and everything else, are similar to the pseudorandom algorithms used to encrypt secret messages, where the order of their precision activity is concealed within their complexity.

Pseudorandom deep reality finally reconciles Quantum Mechanics and Relativity. It explains quantum gravity, black holes, antigravity, action-at-a-distance, subatomic interactions, electricity, magnetism, light, duality, quarks, strings, movement, radioactivity, the universal speed limit, and the 5th dimension. Now we know why they are never uncertain about what they do or how they do it. Unlike Heisenberg's random underworld, real atoms, light, and gravity always get it right and never forget how to do it!

Finally, the Resonant Field Theory explains that fundamental mechanism in easy-to-understand, intuitive terms... just like Einstein and Feynman longed for.

It means that we can now begin decrypting those natural energy-flow patterns to reveal their hidden secret messages. Because, so many age-old secrets have been revealed for the first time in this eBook - Everything has finally been Made Simple.

View count: 1
by John N. Hait

Pages: 280
Publisher: John Hait

Websites: www.einsteincode.com

The Einstein Code is not dry science, but an electrifying enigma amid a backdrop of real life intrigue and high-stakes conflict. It is non-fiction at its pinnacle.

What could be more exciting than discovering the solution to a millennium-long real-life mystery that famous scientists and powerful governments throughout the ages have toiled to unravel, while others have fought to bury it in a sea of confusion in a masterful struggle to keep its universal secrets hidden from the public? What's more, it's a very-high-stakes riddle that can bring untold value to those taking advantage of its solution, which is why it continues to be the subject of high-budget research and cloak-and-dagger intrigue. Yet, it has eluded them all- remaining a universal enigma... until now!