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Dr. Edward Henry Dowdye
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by Edward Henry Dowdye

Pages: 110
Publisher: Edward Henry Dowdye, Jr.
Year: 1991/ 2001
ISBN: 0963447157
ISBN: 978-0963447159


The published treatise on the Extinction Shift Principle is the Principal Axioms that describe the correct application of Galilean Transformations of Velocities in Euclidean Space Geometry. The Exinction Shift Principle, {German: L?schverschiebungsprinzip}; an expression coined by this author, leads directly to the solutions to the problems responsible for the success and fame of both Special and General Relativity. The solutions are obtained using solely pure classical fundamental and principal axioms in the frame work of Euclidian Space Geometry without having to resorting to Relativity.
  • For the very first time in Classical Physics, an emission theory leads to exact solutions to important problems in Gravitation and Electromagnetism in consistency with modern observations in Astrophysics.  {Refereed Paper: "Time resolved images from the center of the Galaxy appear to counter General Relativity", Dowdye, Jr., E.H., Astronomische Nachrichten, Volume 328, Issue 2, February 2007, pp. 186-191. Abstract: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2007AN....328..186D   Full length text:  http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/search/allsearch
  • This emission theory has lead to singnificant findings on the understanding of gravitational lensing; finding in astrophysical observations that are counter to General Relativity.

The Exinction Shift Principle provides a pure classical explanation for the so-called gravitational redshift, gravitational light bending, time dilation, Mercury perihelion drift, PSR1913+16 perihelion drift, the invariance of the wave equations as well as a pure classical and intuitive explanation for the optical gyroscope and the Sagnac Effect. (The "Sagnac Effect-link" are the details refering to prevailing misconceptions and serious omissions in the modern physical science texts key fundamentals which have been practically forgotten by modern researchers.)

It is seen that the effect known as Sagnac is a direct consequence of the rectilinear nature which all electromagnetic radiation, packets of waves or photons move from interfering optical element to interfering optical element, each belonging to and rigidly attached to a rotating platform; an important principle of optics that is virtually forgotten by all too many researchers in this discipline.

The Extinction Shift Principle, the emission theory of Dowdye, is the tip-off and has lead to significant findings pertaining to misapplications of important Mathematical Physics fundamentals pertaining to the subject matter of Gravitational Lensing. (The "Gravitational Lensing-link" link refers to details, important papers, refereed publications and press releases on these significant findings.)


The papers pertaining to gravitational lensing, published in REFEREED JOURNALS, are treatises on the FLAWS and the Significant Findings on the light bending rule of General Relativity. The published FINDINGS in the refereed papers do not mention anything at all about the Extinction Shift Principle, i.e., the emission theory of Dowdye. It is important to note that the Book on the Principal Axioms of the Extinction Shift Principle served as the very tip-off that lead to the Significant Findings on the light bending rule of General Relativity; findings that were accepted the referees of the renown journal.

The Extinction Shift Principle is applied to both Gravitation and Electromagnetism

  • For the very first time, a pure classical theory successfully demonstrates solutions in Euclidean Space Geometry under Galilean transformations to both electromagnetism and gravitation.
  • Astrophysical Phenomena are found to be consistent and in complete agreement with the predictions of the Extinction Shift Principle and are found to counter the predictions of General Relativity.

Extinction Shift Principle Illustrated; Some Classical Alternatives equivalent to Special and General Relativistic Principles

  • Invariance of the Wave Equation
  • Optical Gyroscopes
  • Sagnac Effect
  • Convection
  • Effective Mass {as opposed to Relativistic Mass}
  • Transverse Relative Time {as opposed to Time Dilation}
  • Mercuary Perihelion Drift
  • PSR1913+16 Perihelion Drift


Effectivity versus Relativity

Glossary of Terms

Notes and Reference

Appendix of Additional Manuscripts

  • Aberrational Effect
  • Sagnac Effect {Proof of Galilean Transformation, Rectilinear Motion of Photon}
  • Gravitational Redshift & Solar Light Bending
  • Nullified Experiments in Optic & Principal Axioms of the Extinction Shift Principle Applied