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Ronald Allen Fonda
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Ronald Allen Fonda (Abstracts)
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  • Making Sense of Time, Space and Gravity (2000) [Updated 4 years ago]

    After clarification and definition of usage, a brief epistemology of time is presented. Then causality and the nature of observed quantum effects are shown to imply that the time metric is quantized. By this it is meant that the flow of sensible time is interrupted by a cyclic process of formation and collapse of the space(s) created by the intermittent existence of time quanta. The characteristic rate within this cycle (not the passage of c1ock time!) is C. This coincident association is shown to result in the conflation of significance with regard to time and the "speed of light". It is demonstrated that this view is consistent with relevant formulae and observation, specifically those in quantum mechanics that describe the relationship of time and energy.

    Elements from the work of such eminent scientists as deSitter, Eddington, Chandrasekhar, Wheeler, and Hawking are syncretized to suggest the physical mechanisms by which gravity arises from the interaction of space, time and matter! This view can elucidate many of the "problems" in physics, from quantum to cosmic scale. For instance, recent observations of stellar red-shift quantization, and the increasing rate of cosmic expansion, are predictable on this hypothesis.