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4th International Symposium on New Energy

Dates: 1997-05-23 - 1997-05-26 9.9 (2 decades 6 years ago)

Where: Denver, CO, United States Venue: Denver Hilton South


Transcript in Electrifying Times 5, #3 (Winter 1997-1998).

Table of Contents

  • Dr. Maurice L. Albertson, Converting From a Petroleum Economy to a Hydrogen Economy 1
  • Dr. Tom Bearden, Energy Flow, Collection, and Dissipation in Overunity EM Devices 5
  • Mike Fisher, Empowerment - The Life Force of the Energy Revolution 53
  • Hal Fox, Charge Cluster Transmutation 59
  • Dr. Peter Graneau, Extracting Intermolecular Bond Energy from Water 65
  • Dr. Moray B. King, Overview of Inventions 71
  • M. A. K. Lodhi, Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Hybrid For High Efficiency and Low Cost 87
  • Dr. Eugene Mallove, How We Won The Cold Fusion War 101
  • Roy E. McAlister, Safe and Dependable Hydrogen Storage 109
  • Andrew Michrowski, Scalars Waves Reviewed 115
  • Andrew Michrowski, Brown's Gas - Current Research Report 121
  • Joseph W. Newman, An Emerging Revolutionary Electromagnetic Technology: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman 125
  • Dr. Daniel Alexander Nightwolf, Planetary Zero-Point Energies 131
  • Guy Obolensky, Gyromagnetic Gain From Absolute Motion 145
  • Dale Pond, Roots of the Vibratory Etheric Tree or the Creation, Transmission and Reception of Vibrations 157
  • Chip Ransford, Design Considerations for the Rapid Commercial Development of Fleischmann-Pons Reactions 179
  • Donald Reed, The Vortex as Topological Archtype - A Key to New Paradigms in Physics and Energy Science 207
  • Dr. Glen Rein, A Bioassay for Negative Gaussian Fields Associated with Geometric Patterns 225
  • Austin R. Rust, The Controlled Blowout Method of Gas and Oil Production and World Peace 233
  • Austin R. Rust, Electromagnetism from Nothing: Joseph Newman and the New Technology of Light 245
  • Saul-Paul Sirag, Hyperspace Crystallography 263
  • Dr. Edmund Storms, A God's Eye View of Cold Fusion 271
  • Dr. Thomas F. Valone, The First Free Energy Documentary "Race to Zero Point" 289
  • Marc Whitford, Evidence of Possible Field Propulsion Technology by Transient Luminescent Phenomena in the Wallkill River Valley of New York State 297
  • Layne L. Wright, Analysis of the Cylindrical Capacitors Found Within the Hendershot Fuelless Generator 313