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Pages: 245
Publisher: Integrity Research Institute
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0964107031
ISBN: 978-0964107038

Future Energy: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Future Energy (Buy Now)

Thomas F. Valone
Anthology of breakthrough energy science papers from the First International Conference on Future Energy. Profusely illustrated, there are sixteen articles and an additional forty pages of slide presentations from the conference. Topics include: charge clusters in action, betavoltaic batteries, carbon arc gasification, release of chemical bond energy, zero point energy, free energy secrecy, new methods for nuclear reactions, speed of gravity, effective radioactive waste remediation, breakthrough power unit, wind energy, pulsed abnormal discharge, electric energy and the future, room temperature superconductors, casimir effect with vortex filaments, electrostatic motors, and advanced automotive. Discount coupon for CD-ROM version of COFE Proceedings with twenty (20) hours of digital audio lectures.