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Publisher: Lufa Studio
Year: 1999
ISBN: 0-9675806-0-9

Planet Earth Expanding and Eocene Tectonic Event
KeyWords: expanding earth

Karl W. Luckert
Since January 1997, when I began posting my Expansion Tectonics theory on my web site (now located at under Hood Two), I received frequent inquires from students who were assigned to write research papers on Plate Tectonics. Yes, occasionally I was tempted to guide them straightway to the Earth Expansion literature. But I did not do so. These students had to earn their grades in established academic environments. Therefore I usually recommended to them that they begin with H. W. Menard, The Ocean of Truth? , and work from that body of information outward. At least one graduate student wrote back, thanking me for the good advice. Her paper had turned out well.