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Pages: 224
Publisher: Dover Publications
Year: 1962 / 1997
ISBN: 0486654273
ISBN: 978-0486654270

Formal Structure of Electromagnetics: General Covariance and Electromagnetics (Buy Now)

Evert Jan Post
High-level, explicit treatment of the principle of general covariance as applied to electromagnetics examines the natural invariance of the Maxwell equations, general properties of the medium, nonuniformity, anisotropy and general coordinates in three-space, reciprocity and nonreciprocity, and matter-free space with a gravitational field

\"I discovered (Post\'s) monograph \"The Formal Structure of Electromagnetics\" in which I saw the first definitive treatment of the Faraday effect, and its non-reciprocity. This idea was what I had been searching for, for if an experiment between EM and gravity was to work, it would have to accumulate data - like the Faraday ratchet - in order to measure very small effects. The Jacksonian version of EM theory (does) not come close to explaining the features that were so clear in Post\'s expose. I used to call the small book, the \"Tourist\'s Guide of Electromagnetism\". The book is back in print now (Dover), and no one interested in EM should be without it.\" - Robert Kiehn