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Pages: 248
Publisher: TNL Press
Year: 2008
ISBN: 096315463X
ISBN: 978-0963154637

Fundamental Physical Constants Derived From Particle Geometric Structures (Buy Now)

Thomas N. Lockyer
The Quantum Vector Particle Physics (QVPP) particle structures are so detailed that all related fundamental physical constants are defined by their natural geometry and, as further proof of concepts, derives several previously unknown physical constants. A new electron flux quantum, a quantized Fermi velocity, a proton core precession angle and a neutron and proton undamped magnetic moment. Unification of the strong and electromagnetic force are first presented. It is found that particle binding energy times bond length is a new constant. This (Joule-meter) physical constant serves to derive the Planck constant, and thus physically explains the nature of the electron Cooper pair quantum step resistances, the Josephson junction, the SQUIB and the Peltier theory. ab-initio.