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Year: 1985
ISBN: 84-398-3581-7

Fallos Matem?ticos en la Transformaci?n Einstein-Lorentz
KeyWords: einstein
  • Full name: Juan Alberto Morales-Garc?a de Hermosa

    His works are mentioned at http://the-geek.org/escepticos/199910/msg00831.html.

    Books (source: G. O. Mueller, ?ber die absolute Gr??e der Speziellen Relativit?tstheorie, p. 876):

    • The Doppler Effect and the Theory of Contraction of Moving Bodies, 1968.
    • La relatividad y la teoria de la contraccion de Lorentz-Fitzgerald, 1970.
    • New Theory of Light Transmission, 1974.
    • La relatividad, 1975
    • Myths and Incongruities in the Special Theory of Relativity and a New Theory of Light Transmission in Moving Coordinate Systems, 1978.
    • About the Famous Equation: E = mc2, ca. 1980.
    • La teoria especial de Einstein - el mayor fraude del siglo, 1981.