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Pages: 278
Publisher: Richard L. Ropiquet
Year: 2001

Infinite Particle Physics

Richard L. Ropiequet
This book explores many of the neglected \"what?\", \"why?\", and \"how?\" questions of quantum and particle physics from the perspective of a particulate ether. I show you ways to visualize the structures and mechanisms of gravity, mass, energy, charge, spin, momentum, forces, wave-particle duality, matter, antimatter, the structures of photons & leptons, and how to understand why energy is conserved, and why phenomena are indeterminate. In Chapter 2, I offer a quantitative defect-pair cluster concept of hadron particles, as a plausible alternative to QCD. Chapter 3 shows how to calculate the mass-deficit of inter-nucleon bonds, while Chapters 4 & 5 show how these paraxial and diagonal bonds produce the complex structures of large, and small nuclei, respectively. Chapter 6 explores particle decay, Chapter 7, particle creation, and Chapter 8, cosmological implications of an ether theory. Finally, in Chapter 9, I discuss my theory\'s value, limitations, tests, and applications.

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