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Pages: 49
Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-3-330-34966-7

Physics Without Photons
KeyWords: photons
  • Electrical Engineer
    (Special Relativity, Experiments, Gravity, Ether)

    Education: MSEE.

    Occupation: Retired. Earlier employed as engineer in defence administration.

    After retirement I wrote articles for Galilean Electrodynamics (1999-2005).

    • In 1999 I began to advocate entrained ether against most NPA members at that time.
    • In 2000 I started to advocate preserved wave-front and unite Bradley\'s observation with entrained ether.
    • In May 2002 I showed pushing gravity to imply an upper limit on the gravitational force.
    • In 2005 I presented the idea that the second order effect searched by Michelson also existed between atoms in a crystal, which hided the searched effect.
    • In 2006 (sent in 2004) I demonstrated that a falling ether can explain gravity.

    Articles to Natural Philosophy Alliance (2005-2011).

    Two articles to Infinite Energy (Jan 2008 and Sept 2010).

    One article to Physics Essays (Dec 2010).