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Pages: 350
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1452005133

The Un-unified Field: and Other Problems (Buy Now)

Miles Mathis
This book is the first collection of science papers by Miles Mathis. Its topics include various problems in physics and math, beginning with the famous Unified Field problem of Einstein and string theory. These problems are solved with a simplified math and clear explanations. Other problems addressed include Bode\'s Law, the recent Saturn Anomaly, Quantum Chromodynamics, the ellipse, and Goldbach\'s Conjecture.

Both Newton?s and Coulomb?s famous equations are unified field equations in disguise. This was not understood until I pulled them apart, showing what the constant is in each equation and how it works mechanically. A unified field equation does not need to unify all four of the presently postulated fields. To qualify for unification, it only has to unify two of them. The unified field equations that will be unmasked in this paper both unify the gravitational field with the electromagnetic field. This unification of gravity and E/M was the great project of Einstein and is now the great project of string theory. But neither Einstein nor string theory has presented a simple unified field equation. As time has passed this has seemed more and more difficult to achieve, and more and more difficult math has been brought in to attack the problem. But it turns out the answer was always out of reach because the question was wrong. We were seeking to unify fields when we should have been seeking to segregate them. We already had two unified field equations, which is why they couldn?t be unified. We were trying to rejoin a couple that was already happily married.