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What Experiments on Diffraction of Photons Say

Mitch Emery
Year: 2012 Pages: 3
Keywords: photons, electrodynamics, special relativity, inertia
The foundation of quantum theory rests on the notion that a particle is a localized wave-packet formed from the superposition of plane waves of many different frequencies, all grouped around some central frequency.  Several experiments conducted by Panarella confirm that the wave nature of light appears with a collection of photons, but dispute it for single photons.  Experiments show that photons cannot produce a diffraction pattern when they are detected one at a time or as isolated entities; photons need to be clumped together in order to create a diffraction pattern.  A separate laser diffraction experiment conducted by a Brazilian team shows that the course of light rays changes with the motion of the Earth, and their results differ in amount of 21% from the prediction of special relativity theory.  And so in addition to the original findings of Panarella's experiments, this new finding is further evidence that something is wrong with contemorary physics.  The purpose of this note is to bring conflicting observations of light into agreement with one common principle.