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A Closed-Loop Self-Organizing System for Cosmological and Biological Evolution

Mitch Emery
Year: 2010 Pages: 3
Keywords: Cyclic Universe, Emergence, Entropy, Path of Least Resistance
The chances for life to originate spontaneously appear so small that it can mathematically be dismissed as never happened. The purpose of this note is to put forward a cyclic universe model that can solve this problem, along with other questions about biological evolution. The proposed cosmological model is based on exploratory ideas, and so it may not always agree with conventional wisdom. Yet the principles involved seem to explain biological evolution better than those of present-day theories. In this setting, the universe follows an infinite cycle of recurring events, while evolution takes place with each consecutive cycle. By such means, the chances for life to originate spontaneously become a near certainty, and complex systems emerge via the path of least resistance. This unique system also explains how major groups of animals rapidly appeared in the Cambrian explosion, and why so much history about evolution is missing from the fossil records.