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Robert E. Godes
local time: 2023-04-01 19:52 (-07:00 DST)
Robert E. Godes (About)
World Science Database Profile
Engineer, Entrepreneur
Interests: New Energy, Cold Fusion

I have been a practicing entrepreneur/scientist/engineer since 1985 when I started designing equipment for companies in Cleveland Ohio. I study a number of areas from Nanotec to Astrophysics with the ability to draw on information across the range. This broad range of study allowed me to construct a workable theory of the incorrectly defined phenomenon of ?Cold Fusion?. The theory shows that it is possible to produce a controlled fusion reaction, on demand across an entire core using protium or simple hydrogen. Work is progressing nicely and Profusion Energy is currently working on getting the backing of PhD's by providing access to the full theory and experimental data to back up the theory. The next step is an experiment to run the system at elevated temperatures and pressures. This will determine easily achievable energy densities and suitable markets.


Ohio Northern University BSEE, 1983 - 1988