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Stanley A. Meyer
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Stanley A. Meyer (Abstracts)
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  • Hydrogen Fracturing Process (1990) [Updated 4 years ago]

    The Electron Extraction Circuit removes, captures, and consumes the "dislodged" eelctrons (from the gas atoms) to cause the gas atoms to go into and reach "Critical State", forming highly energized combustiblegas atoms having missing electrons. Resistive values (R4, R6, R7) and dielectric constant of gas (Rg) and isolated ground (W) prevents "electron-flow" or "electron deflection" from occurring within the circuit during pulsing operations (at resonant frequency) and, therefore, keeps the gas atoms in critical state by not allowing electron replacement to occur or take place between the moving gas atoms. The "dislodged" negative charged electrons are "destroyed" or "consumed" in the form of heat when Amp Consuming Device (S) such as a light bulb) is positively electrically energized during alternate pulsing operations. Laser activated or laser primed gas ions repel the dislodged electrons being consumed. The Electron Extraction Process is hereinafter called the "Hydrogen Gas Gun" and is placed on top of a Resonant Cavity Assembly.

    This article aka "Hydrogen Gas Gun"