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Vincent Sauv
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Vincent Sauv (Abstracts)
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  • Why Time is Absolute, and Relative, But Never Universal (2005) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Vincent Sauv   read the paper:

    The author elaborates upon a materialist view of the absolute and relative nature of time in a simple and (hopefully) clear manner for what has always been a complicated subject. Albert Einstein's relativity of time is defended against those who think of time as a universal absolute that extends beyond its proper frame--the inertial frame. The inertial frame is clarified and elaborated upon to show why the scale of time is naturally, through Newton's Laws of Motion, in congruence to this frame. The conclusion of this paper is that the supposed paradoxes or absurdities of Einstein's relativity theory are really the result of a false conception of time.

  • Is Big Bang Cosmology Good Science or 'Creation Science'? (1994) [Updated 3 years ago]