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Roger B. Angel
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Roger B. Angel (Books)

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by Roger B. Angel

Pages: 272
Publisher: Pergamon / Oxford
Year: 1972 / 1980
ISBN: 0080251978
ISBN: 978-0080251974

From the Foundations & philosophy of science & technology, Pergamon international library, this book is an introduction to the special and general theories of relativity and their philosophical foundations and implications.  It provides the basic mathematical and physical tools to enable a student to proceed to an informed and independent assessment of the philosophical claims which are based on these theories.


  • Mathematical Preliminaries
  • Relativity and Newtonian Mechanics
  • The Principle of Special Relativity
  • Empiricism, Rationalism and Special Relativity
  • Special Relativity and Conventionalism
  • The Commensurability of Classical and Relativistic Mechanics
  • More Mathematics
  • The Path to General Relativity
  • An Outline of General Relativity
  • Relativity and Covariance
  • Spacetime and Geometry