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James J Keene
James J Keene (About)
CNPS Member
Interests: Energy-space-time Quantization in Binary Mechanics Particle Physics

Dr. James J. Keene is a physics researcher, author and reviewer of peer-reviewed journal papers and former reviewer of NSF and NIH grant proposals. He got a BA from the University of Chicago, and a PHD from the University of Michigan.

First-ever derivation of basic physical constants from first principlesof quantum theory.

Learn how Binary Mechanics Lab (BML) won the greatest race in physics in 100 years starting with space-time-energy quantization, upgrading from partial-to-full quantum mechanics.

First-ever derived constants include electron rest mass, vacuum light speed c, Planck's constant h, intrinsic electron and proton spin, elementary charge e, fractional electric charge and intrinsic electron magnetic moment.