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Samuel J. Hunt
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Samuel J. Hunt (Books)

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by Samuel J. Hunt

Pages: 244
Publisher: Sunpiper Press
Year: 2007
ISBN: 0979544505

In what has turned out to be the most controversial document since Charles Darwin s Origin of the Species, Episteme Scientia:The Law of All That Is, suggests science has been proving God's existence, all along. The abstract states, An examination of the sequential mathematical and experimental dual proof of the Genesis record of origins underlying the institution of all that is in the universe-from waves to matter to the mind. According to the author, the Scientific Method has been subtly proving the Genesis cosmology in every classroom around the world for more than 450 years-in spite of the fervency to promote evolution and big bang theories. In Episteme Scientia: The Law of All That Is, author Samuel J. Hunt states the mathematical and empirical proof that the Bible can and is compatible to and verifiable by science on levels that are only just now beginning to be recognized. The proof also answers dozens of other scientific, theological, and philosophical questions. Hunt says, I'm not here to argue for evidence of this or that. It's important, but that's like putting God on trial and allowing people to believe whatever they want. Episteme Scientia proves the Genesis record as the only infallible scientific explanation for our origins. Episteme Scientia holds the missing factor in the quest to find the Grand Unified Theory of Science. Even now, the Darwinists are taking up arms. After reading only a short quip of Hunt's work, they're talking about a good book-burning, paradigm shifts, eating crow and the threat of losing more scientists to the other side. The book's genius lies in its simple, yet profound integration of several mathematical systems, scientific experiments, and observable phenomenon that happen all around us every day.