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Dr. Hans J. Zweig
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Dr. Hans J. Zweig (About)
World Science Database Profile

With a PhD from Stanford, a masters degree from Brown and a B.A. from University of Rochester, Dr. Zweig began his career in physics research at Kodak with Dr. Friedrich Kottler who was cited by Einstein for his contribution to relativity. During this time, Dr. Zweig published extensively in the area of optical physics, with emphasis on the statistics and theory of photographic detection models.

Dr. Zweig returned to theoretical physics in 1998 due to a chance remark by a friend and colleague who questioned some results published in Physics Today in 1998, having to do with the expansion of the universe. Tracing the origin of the question back to Einstein's Special Relativity Theory, Dr. Zweig undertook a searching examination of the foundation. What he discovered and uncovered ? surprising and disturbing ? resulted in this book and web site. - A Question of Time