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Maurice Cotterell
local time: 2024-02-25 18:17 (+00:00 )
Maurice Cotterell (About)
World Science Database Profile
Author, Engineer, Scientist

  • Maurice Cotterell is Registered with the UK Engineering Council as an Incorporated Engineer (Electrical and Communications Engineering), [I.Eng.] and is a Member of the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology [MIET]. His early career was that of a Naval Radio and Electronics Officer.
  • In 1989, while working at Cranfield University [as Head of Electrical and Communications Engineering], he devised a method [‘rotational differentiation'] of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic cycles on the Sun. With his knowledge of the 11.49-year cycle, the 187-year cycle and the 18,139-year cycle, he was then able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilisations; the Mayas, of Central America, Tutankhamun, of Egypt, and the Viracochas' of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China and the Celts of Europe.
  • His research explains how the 28-day spinning Sun regulates fertility in females and how it determines personality of the foetus in the womb. It explains how the Sun causes schizophrenia, how mobile phones and overhead power lines cause cancer and how the Sun brings periodic catastrophic destruction to Earth.
  • His own unique decoding process reveals amazing pictures from archaeological treasures that explain the spiritual mysteries of life; why we are born, why we die and why this has to be.
  • His work—featured in six international bestselling books—is best described as ‘adventure fact' and brings together modern science, spirituality and ancient wisdom.
  • In 2010, the UK Institute of Engineering and Technology accepted his Paper How Gravity Works—and related matters for deposit in their Research Paper database. It explains: How Electricity and Magnetism work-together to produce the force of Gravity; the nature of ‘dark matter'; the reason why spiral galaxies are spiral shaped; the reason why the Earth's core is red-hot; the cause of Permanent Magnetism; the cause of the global-warming-and-global-cooling; how gravity waves can be generated and used to provide unlimited supplies of free energy; how antigravity waves can be used in place of electrolysis to produce unlimited supplies of free hydrogen, to power vehicles; and, how antigravity waves can be used to cause the disintegration of hydrogen-containing matter (phasor weapons technology). It also describes how Electricity works at atomic level and why a magnetic field is produced when a current flows, why the field is proportional to current flow, and why the field is 90° to the direction of current. All of which is contained in his book FUTURESCIENCE—forbidden science of the 21st-century.