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Chuck Reithmeyer
local time: 2024-04-13 15:16 (-04:00 DST)
Chuck Reithmeyer (About)
World Science Database Profile
Alternative Energy R&D
Interests: New Energy, Rodin Coil, Hydroxy Hho Fuel Age: 62

Residence Southern Maryland Paradise USA, roaming Patuxent, Lower Potomac Rivers and Middle Chesapeake Bay Solomons area. Father of Four Boy's, Hunting, Fishing, Crabbing(trotline), Camping, Boating. Master Certified Electrical & Mechanical Technician (ASE) General Motors Technician & Business Owner 33+yrs Auto, Truck and Heavy Equipment, Marine and Specialty Equipment- Diagnostics & Repair - Washington D.C. Suburb. Machinist, Sheet metal, Welding: Lathes, Cutting, Honing, Grinding, Sawing, Drilling, Boring equipment and Measurement instruments. Auto Truck Body work Painting Prefabrication Welding, Fiberglass Resins, Polymers. Old School Marine treatment remedies, wood resin coatings, Paint Corrosion Protection. 2003, College of Southern Maryland, MCSE (WINNT2000 Pro & Server) 2001, CompTIA Certified Test: A+, Certified: Computer Hardware & Software Build Repair. Hobby: Mother Natures Naturalist Science R&D Hydrogen Fuel-cells, Solar Capacitor Battery's, Electronic Free-Energy. Lifes Persuite: Clean-Up the Water-Ways of our Country. Washington Area I have been exposed to all sorts of fascinating people from NRL, Goddard NASA, Calvert NUK, Air&Space ect? Always involved with new cutting edge Technologies in the Automotive Repair trade. Best Diagnostic Tool Mother Natures Natural A,B,C Theory KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID Applies to all theory applications. My understandings of the nature of elements I have learned and developed and seen in my past leads me to believe that matter is only temporary held together by electric magnetic energy, for instance take a magnate stick it to something it becomes a part of that thing now if you can smack it supper hard the inertia (frequency) will neutralize the polar field for an instant and releases it, what happens is metals different materials vibrate at different frequency. My studies past principals of Ham Radio frequency operator electronics, in understanding tunning electricity and elements of electricity conductance Metallurgy brought on by my fascination while welding. Solar Battery Capacitors(external Battery plates), Alternative Free Energy of the raw Periodic Element materials used development inductively charging Capacitors and storage ignition coils of the automotive industry,Instead of Silicon ingots.