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Peter S. Hunt (About)
World Science Database Profile

Mr. Hunt received his undergraduate education from Williams College (AB) in biology and a graduate degree in Finance from Columbia University (MBA). He was trained by the military in electronics and was an early participant in solid-state electronics (silicon diodes) manufacturing on Route 128 in the Boston area.

After graduate school he became a controller for a major food manufacturer but gravitated to the new product development field. He then moved to consulting for the Defense Industry where he learned and taught systems analysis. He developed an interest in environmental management and policy and left to open his own consultancy. During this period he worked closely with the U S Congress in the development legislation including NEPA, the Clean Water and Air Acts, the National Materials Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Environmental Education Act on a pro bono basis. During this period he was appointed to the U S Scientific Delegation to the first Law of the Sea Conference in Malta and initiated the Environmental Studies Program at Sarah Lawrence College. He also served on the Federal Advisory Board of the Office of Environmental Education and the Board of Directors of SIPI.

In the early 70?s he consulted and orchestrated several cases for the Attorney General of the State of New York on Liquefied Natural Gas Safety, ozone depleting fluorocarbons and nuclear safety issues.

In 1975 he accepted the job of Director of Research and Analysis for the first House Sub Committee on Energy and Power chaired by Congressman John Dingell with whom he worked on early environmental legislation. He held this position until the Sub-Committee was broken up in 1981.

Since then he has been active in the US and Sweden on environmental and energy issues as a private citizen.