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Prof. Mario J. Pinheiro
local time: 2023-03-27 02:09 (+01:00 )
Prof. Mario J. Pinheiro (About)
World Science Database Profile

Prof. Pinheiro spent a research period with the Industrial Plasma Engineering Group lead by Prof. John Reece Roth, at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Prof. Roth is the inventor of the One Atmosphere Uniform Glow Discharge Plasma (OAUGDPTM). His main scientific interests are Plasma Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic Propulsion and Fundamentals of Physics. He has been working in plasma processes modeling, and in the last years is dedicated to study advanced propulsion systems. He is author of about 40 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and up to 60 papers presented at International Conferences.

  • Degree in Physics from the University of Paris-Orsay
  • PhD in Physics from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1993