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Yuri M. Galaev
local time: 2021-09-16 14:30 (-05:00 DST)
Yuri M. Galaev (Abstracts)
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  • The Measuring of Ether-Drift Velocity and Kinematic Ether Viscosity within Optical Waves Band (2002) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Yuri M. Galaev   read the paper:

    The experimental hypothesis veri cation of the ether existence in nature, i.e. the material medium, responsible for electromagnetic waves propagation has been performed. The optical measuring method of the ether movement velocity and the ether kinematic viscosity has been proposed and realized. The results of systematic measurements do not contradict the original hypothesis statements and can be considered as experimental imagination con firmation of the ether existence in nature, as the material medium.

  • Etheral Wind in Experience of Millimetric Radiowaves Propagation (2001) [Updated 4 years ago]
    by Yuri M. Galaev   read the paper:

    The phase method of anisotropic media parameters measurement of electromagnetic waves propagation is proposed. The experimental hypothesis check about the existence of such material medium of a radiowaves propagation in the nature, as Aether is executed in eight millimeter radiowaves range. The ethereal wind speed and this speed vertical gradient near the Eath's surface have been measured. The systematic measurement results do not contradict the initial hypothesis rules and can be considered, as experimental imagination con rmation about the Aether existence, as material medium, in the nature.