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Christian Sutterlin
local time: 2024-04-14 02:41 (+01:00 )
Christian Sutterlin (About)
CNPS Member
Fluid Mechanics Engineer
Interests: Alternative Paradigms, Analytical Philosophy, Ether, Angular Momentum, Fluid Mechanics Age: 77

Christian Sutterlin is a fluid mechanics dipl. engineer from ENSEEIHT Toulouse (1967) and Navy officer.

Publisher: EDITIONS D'ASSAILLY (Owner)

EDITIONS D'ASSAILLY will published in November 2015 a new issue of Jean de Climont dissident list. Most links have been updated and many new added; many email addresses have been added. Some duplicate names and most names without any information have been removed.

It includes now nearly 8000 dissident names with home pages address and information about their works. The list is published under the form of a book (directory) in HTML format.

The Jean de Climont list is available in GOOGLE BOOKS and  through the ASSAILLY homepage. 

All books of Jean de Climont are also available through ASSAILLY homepage.