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Victor G. Henigan
local time: 2023-04-01 18:41 (-07:00 DST)
Victor G. Henigan (About)
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Escot Corporation is located at PO Box 86 Dillon Beach, CA 94929. Church musician Victor G. Henigan resides in Marin County, California. With sixteen years of private instrumental and vocal musical studies, coupled with over fifty years of service in the field of sacred music, the author assumes the role of music prophet as he moves to express the unique relationship between the art of music and the science of physics. Although it may read like one, this is not the work of a scientist. It is an inspired visionary work of a scholarly scientific nature that has been largely conceived by a self learned man. Divine inspiration elevates this effort above the norm placing it, with its abundance of innovative thought, into the unique arena of creative scientific thinking.

Mr. Henigan, a member of the Redwood Empire Chapter of The American Guild of Organists, is currently associate organist / choir director at the Tomales Presbyterian Church in Tomales, California. He is a member and tenor soloist of the Sonoma County Men's Chorus, and the bass clef hand~ in the four handed duo piano team of "Robert and Victor" who frequently delight their audiences by featuring music from old time ragtime and the great four handed classical piano works by composer Franz Schubert.