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Jan Peter Roos
local time: 2024-04-17 02:03 (-04:00 DST)
Jan Peter Roos (About)
CNPS Member
Fluid dynamicist, President of APGR
Interests: Energy Density of the Vacuum, Pushing Gravity, Ou Generation Age: 86

MSME '60 at MIT. I worked full time for Aero Systems, Inc. ~1981 to 1985 as an energy conservation mechanical engineer, to develop proposals and specifications for public bid ( P.E. stamp certified) competitions for funding by the State. Awarded projects to contractors were then supervised. I did solar collectors for school roofs and Ogden AFB, geothermal heatpumps and natural gas fired engines for electric power generation and exhaust heat recovery combined cycle operation for colleges. After that I did part time work with them till the early 90'ties.