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Prof. John G. Fox
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Prof. John G. Fox (About)
World Science Database Profile
(Died: December 1, 1975)
Interests: Relativity, Extinction Shift, Emission Theory Age: 88

John G. Fox's 1962 optical experiment remains a challenge to conventional thinking on relativity. He spent most of his career as a research physicist at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Philadelphia. According to http://www.prola.org/, his 1937 and 1939 papers were written from the University of Sasketoon, Canada, so he might have been a native Canadian. According to Bob Fritzius, John G. Fox died around 1976, though it's not certain that the John Fox born in 1887 is the same man. Would expect John G. Fox to have been born after 1900.


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  • Many other articles at http://www.prola.com/, some dated as early as 1939.
  • Letter to Bob Fritzius, April 21, 1975.